Car Wash

Body Wash

Pressure water wash with vacuuming, dashboard polishing and tyre dressing

Steam Wash

High pressure condensed wash

Super Wash

Full body and the chassis, engine cleaning, pressure water wash with vacuuming, dashboard polish and tyre dressing

Lube Oil Services

Oil and filter change services for all brands with only branded, genuine products.

Mechanical Services

We offer a variety of services at the mechanical section where highly trained staff are available for attending to mechanical and electrical problems. Also work-related to brake drums /pads is undertaken. The engine flush and radiator flush machines are located in this area.

Polishing, Detailing and Nano Coating

Lazer does high-end polishing and detailing for an extra and longer shine removing all stains inside and outside. LAZER’s NANO coating is perfect protection specialized for GCC conditions.

Tyre Services

Tyre change services with wheel balancing, camber, wheel alignment.

Mobile Car Wash

Lazer introduced mobile car services - LASER PLUS in the Malls first in 2012 since then LAZER operates in 4 malls and 35 residential buildings exclusively. Lazer provides all washing, detailing, coating and emergency breakdown services at your doorstep with its fully developed Mobile Unit and Bikes.