Our Services

Lazer provides a variety of car services mainly car wash, steam wash, lubricants, service parts, mobile car wash and mechanical & electrical services etc. Following pages will give a detailed description of our major services.


Engine Flushing

Manual Car Wash

It is necessary to flush the engine oil system at recommended intervals to get rid of deposits and dirt that gather over time. Unlike the market practice of using chemicals or light oils and then running the engine, which causes more harm than good, our new engine flushing system flushes the engine thoroughly and safely with the engine switched off. A heated petroleum agent is circulated inside the engine, which dissolves the sludge and the dissolved matter is then vacuum extracted, leaving a clean oil system inside. We recommend an engine flush at the following time:

  • For every 24000 kms or once a year
  • After a new vehicle's running-in period
  • After an infrequent oil change or after head gasket repairs
  • When radiators and hose are replaced due to overheating
  • Before exhaust gas testing