Our Services

Lazer provides a variety of car services mainly car wash, steam wash, lubricants, service parts, mobile car wash and mechanical & electrical services etc. Following pages will give a detailed description of our major services.


Radiator Cleaning

Manual Car Wash

Over time, the cooling system of the vehicle will develop scales and gather harmful deposits. This reduces the efficiency of the system and the engine will tend to run hot. Chemicals used for cleaning take a long time to flush out and /or affect the hoses and gaskets, ultimately leading to replacing the radiator. We have chosen a versatile radiator-flushing machine, which cleans the radiator effectively. The machine is automatic and no human monitoring is necessary. Our staff will conduct the entire process and replace the coolant. Our coolant meets the requirement of ASTM D 3306, AFNOR NF 15-601 AND BSI 6580.