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Crystal Clear Vision: Tips to maintain a sparkling car windscreen

Keeping the glass windscreen, windows, and windshield in your car clean is very important. Dirty or stained glass can disrupt clear vision and can adversely affect your driving skills.

Therefore, getting a professional car wash in Bahrain for windshields and windows in the car is essential. 

Why is it important to have clean and clear windshields in a car?

As discussed above, it is important to keep your windshield and windows of the car clean and clear at all times. Accumulated dust or dirt can compromise the visuals on the road. Also, dirt or grime on the windows affects the driver’s ability to see the road clearly, especially after sunset when car headlights are on.

The high beams of light from oncoming traffic can reflect on the dirt on the windshield blocking further vision. This is a phenomenon known as veiling glare.

It reduces the clarity of the image on the road and thereby makes it difficult for drivers to anticipate any obstructions on the road. 

That is why it is very important to keep the windshields and windscreen of your car clean at all times. In another scenario, your car has just come out of a car wash in Bahrain and looks clean to you.

However, a good car wash in Bahrain will ensure no water spots or detergent residue remain on your car windscreen. Such water spot remnants can also affect the driver’s visibility.

Contact Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants is one of the best car cleaning in Bahrain. 

How to clean your car windshield?

There are many ways to ensure your car windshield is clean, providing you with perfect vision. However, only the best car wash in Bahrain can ensure crystal clear windshields and windows in your car.

Few techniques to keep your glass clean

While cleaning the glass of your car, ensure that you lift the car wipers to wipe off the dust that collects on the wipers. 

It is important to clean underneath the wipers and remove dirt from the rubber part of the wipers. If you do not clean the wipers then the dust on the wipers will spread on the glass when the wipers are in use. 

Use branded glass sprays

Next, it is advisable to use only branded glass sprays or car detergents to keep the glass of your car clean. Also, do not use household sprays to clean the glass of your car. Household sprays have a different chemical composition and can leave stains on the glass of your car.

Therefore, it is important to use only sprays and detergents that are specifically meant for the car glass. Contact the best car cleaning in Bahrain to ensure safe glass cleaning for your car

You can also dilute the glass spray with water to make it less concentrated and less harsh on the glass.

Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants, the best car wash company in Bahrain use only branded detergents and sprays that are safe for the car.

Use only Microfiber cloth

When wiping your car’s glass, always use a microfiber cloth. Microfiber material is lint-free and does not leave any fabric on the glass, unlike other cotton materials that may leave lint or thread on the glass. 

Also, microfiber has high absorption which makes it perfect to wipe water or sprays off the windshields.

Wiping motion

Another important aspect to consider while cleaning your car’s glass is the movement or wiping motion. Always use a vertical movement to clean or wipe the glass of your car.

This movement allows you to cover a significant portion of the glass in a single wipe thereby avoiding multiple swipes on your glass. 

Again, it is advisable to get the best car wash in Bahrain from a professional car cleaning in Bahrain like Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants.

For the best glass cleaning car services in Bahrain, contact Lazer Car Wash services.  We use the right techniques to ensure zero residues on your car’s glass, giving you perfect vision while driving. 

Buffing process

After wiping the glass to remove the detergent and water, you must buff your windshield. Use a fresh microfiber cloth for the buffing process.

Buffing is the circular motion of the cloth over the glass. Buffing your glass will remove any traces of any water or spray that you might have used on the glass. 

Conclusion on Car Cleaning In Bahrain

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