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Revolutionizing Car cleaning: The Power of steam car Wash

Are you wondering what car wash in Bahrain is the best option for your car? At Lazer Car Wash, we offer a range of car washing options and advise you on the best choice for your car.

Let’s take a look at the popular steam car wash and analyze the difference between traditional car body wash and steam car wash

What is Steam Car Wash?

As the name suggests, this type of car wash uses pressurized steam to clean the car. It is one of the latest advancements in car cleaning technology and is gaining popularity all over the world.

How does steam vehicle wash work?

Through this method of car wash, pressurized steam is released from a hose or pipe and used to clean the interiors and exterior of the car.

A regulator controls the temperature of the steam

The nozzle or head of the steam hose is then directed toward the dirt stains on the car. The force of the highly pressurized steam effectively removes dirt and dust from the car.

Advantages of opting for a steam wash over other types of car wash in Bahrain

Water saver

In a world battling a water crisis, steam car wash is a great advantage. This type of car wash uses very minimal water. Only 3 to 4 liters of water is enough for the best results. Therefore, we can rightly say that this type of car wash is environmentally friendly and contributes to the world’s endeavor to save water.

Effective cleaning

The highly pressurized steam effectively cleans the car interiors and exteriors. The force of the steam from the hose is extremely powerful allowing it to get rid of stains and dirt.

Dual role of a disinfectant

Another advantage of washing the car with steam is that the high temperature of the steam acts as a disinfectant killing all bacteria that may be present in and on the car.

Safe method of washing the car

This method of car wash in Bahrain uses only water moisture. There are no chemicals or detergents used in the process. Therefore, there is no possibility of any chemical damage to your car’s surface, the paint, or the sheen.


Washing the car with steam is cheap and reasonable. It is one of the cheapest methods of keeping your car professionally clean. Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants in Bahrain offer affordable packages for steam cleaning.

Difference between traditional car body wash and steam car wash

Traditional body washes for the car may also use pressurized water to clean. However, these types of washes are usually accompanied by a foamy detergent or a lathering soap.

Foamy detergents can remove tough stains and stubborn blotches. 

Lazer Car Wash in Bahrain offers full car body wash services including vacuuming, dashboard polishing, and tyre dressing.


At Lazer Car Wash we offer the most modern methods of car wash including the car super wash that includes the cleaning of the chassis and engine.

Our expert team of skilled professionals is trained to provide the best services to our clients. We are regarded as the most preferred car wash company in Bahrain.

Apart from superior car wash services in Bahrain, we also offer the best car detailing and nano-coating services for all types of vehicles. Our dynamic list of facilities includes mechanical and vehicle inspection services, lube oil, and tyre changing services in Bahrain.



Car owners often consider their vehicles as their most treasured possessions and would like to make the best decision when it comes to protecting and maintaining their cars. Therefore, selecting the best car wash company in Bahrain becomes an important decision to make.

Choosing the Right Car Service in Bahrain: Tips

With several car wash companies in Bahrain and car service companies cropping up in the country, it has become difficult to choose the right one for your vehicle. So let’s look at some tips to choose the right car service for your vehicle in Bahrain.

Comprehensive services

While choosing a vehicle maintenance company for your car, make certain that the company offers comprehensive services including lube oil services and mechanical services apart from detailing and car wash.

Lazer car wash and lubricants offer a wide range of services including tyre maintenance and polishing. It is advisable to choose a company that offers all these services in one place. You need not run from pillar to post fulfilling all the requirements of the car from different places.

Attention to detail

Many car wash service companies ignore minute details like cleaning the supporting framework and underside of the vehicle. Select a car wash company that pays attention to all these details. Maintaining the underside of your vehicle is as important as the upkeep of its exterior. Lazer Car Wash in Bahrain offers extensive services, for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Quality check

Before you decide to get your car washed and serviced, do a quality check about the lubricants, detergents, and polishing accessories that will be used on your vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle service company you choose uses only the best lubricants in Bahrain.

Using substandard oils and cleansers can be harmful to your car. A continuous use of such harmful chemicals can depreciate the value of your car. Lazer car wash and lubricants are considered one of the best lubricant companies in Bahrain.


Not all cars are the same. Different models of cars have different service requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an experienced and accomplished service company that will be able to offer you comprehensive services, unique to your vehicle. Make certain that your car wash company in Bahrain offers vehicle inspection services as part of their services.


Contrary to common belief, maintaining your car need not be an expensive affair. If you choose the right car wash and car maintenance company in Bahrain, you can get your car serviced at a reasonable rate.

Lazer Car Wash in Bahrain offers several economical packages to suit the service and car wash requirements of your vehicle. You can check with the friendly staff for ongoing discounts and offers.


Established in 1995, Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants is recognized as one of the best car wash companies in Bahrain. Known for its exclusive car wash services, tire services, polishing, and detailing, Lazer Car in Bahrain uses only the best lubricants in Bahrain to ensure quality services to its clients.