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How to choose the right tyre for your car

Wondering if your car tyres need to be changed? Lazer Car Wash in Bahrain will advise you on the quality of your car tyres and guide you through the process of selecting the best tyre service in Bahrain for your car.

Ideally, car tyres must be changed every 6 to 7 years, irrespective of whether the tyre treads are worn out or not. However, you might need to change the tyres more often if the usage of your car is high.

It is very important to select the perfect tyres for your car. The type of wheels you choose has a direct impact on the performance of your vehicle.

Follow this comprehensive guide on how to select the best tyres for an optimal driving experience:

Selecting the right size

The first step in selecting a good tyre is to consider the size of your car rim. Depending on the rim size you can select tyres that fit into this rim.

Browse through the car manual for information on the rim and tyre size. This will help you select your new set of wheels. Your car’s sidewall will also have printed information regarding the size of the tyres and rim of your car.

Find a good tyre service in Bahrain to help you decide the perfect size of wheels for your car.

Tube /Tubeless tyres

Almost all cars today have tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres offer many advantages. For one, when a tubeless tyre gets punctured, the air leaks out very slowly. Consequently, you have enough time to drive the car to the nearest tyre change service even after a puncture, which may not be possible in tube tyres.

Also, tubeless tyres are light in weight. This lightweight characteristic makes the car more fuel-efficient.

Tread on tyres

This is another important aspect that you must consider before investing in new tyres. The tread on wheels refers to the rubber on the tyres. It is that part of the wheel that is in contact with the road.

You can decide the treads on the tyre depending on the main purpose you use your vehicle. Treads protect the car from hydroplaning and help the car stay gripped and firm on the ground.

Professional wheel services companies in Bahrain like Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants can give you expert advice on treads on tyres and help you choose the best car tyres.

Brand quality 

Visit the best wheel services in Bahrain to select from a wide range of wheels. Housing top brands in tyres, Lazer Car Wash in Bahrain offers excellent tyre change services in the Kingdom.

Manufacturing date

You must also pay attention to the date of manufacturing of the tyres you intend to fit on your car. Choose tyres that have been recently manufactured for the best experience in driving.


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We offer car tyre polish services for the best maintenance of your car’s tyres. Apart from keeping your car’s tyres looking as good as new, car tyre polishing prevents drying and cracking of the car wheels.

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Inspecting and maintaining your tyres is crucial, especially in Bahrain, where you get caught in traffic. In such cases, you require a tyre replacement nearby or at least need to keep a spare one with you. Besides, tyre maintenance impacts almost every aspect of your driving. It is, thus, the most underrated service that every car owner requires. Hence, In this blog, we shall discuss the type of tyre services. These include tyre rotation, tyre camber, and tyre balancing.

Tyre replacement

Tyre change is essential because each of your four tyres wears differently. It all depends on where they are in your car and what they do while you drive. Thus, Rotating your tyres regularly will help you get the most out of them and allow workers to fix any problems. However, differences between models will affect how often you need to rotate your tyres. Every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is a good range for a tyre change.

Tyre Services

Camber affects tyre wear. The camber is the inside and outside tilt and how the car is viewed from the front. The manufacturer of the tyre sets up positive, negative, or zero. If the balance is correct, the tyre and wheel will roll straight. But the slope can become out of place over time. When a tyre has a negative camber, the top of the tyre leans toward the car. If the camber is positive, the tyre's top tilts outward, away from the vehicle.

The camber angle of your car directly affects how well it corners. But the best camber angle depends on the car you drive and the manufacturer's recommendations for how the car handles and how quickly the tyres wear down. If the camber slope isn't in the correct range, your car might not handle the way the manufacturer planned. Camber misalignment may result from worn ball joints, bearings, and other wheel suspension components. Hence, you need to get your car camber checked.

Wheel Balancing

Unlike tyre alignment, tyre or wheel balancing fixes any uneven weight distribution in the tyre and wheel mix. It's often done at the same time as wheel alignment. Static (single plane) and dynamic (dual plane) tyre/wheel imbalances are the two main types that must be fixed.

Vertical movement, which can cause vibration, is the only surface that static balance looks at. On the other hand, a dynamic imbalance looks at balance in two directions: moving up and down and side to side. A balancing machine is needed to help even things out for both types of imbalances.

A technician will put your tyres on the correct rims and change the pressure to the right level before balancing them. After that, each tyre is placed on the machine's centre core. The machine spins the tyre very fast to find out how uneven the wheels and tyres are. It lets the technician know how much weight to add to the tyre to make it balanced and where that weight should go.

Tyre balance and wheel alignment are both essential parts of proper tyre care because they keep the tread from wearing out too quickly. Adjusting and balancing your tyres every 5,000 to 6,000 miles can help them last longer and work better overall.

Tyre balancing helps avoid uneven wear and tear on your tyres, which can extend the time your tyres remain in good condition. Before removing a tyre, it is essential to do a tyre balance. In addition, wheel alignment is something that should be done whenever new tyres are on the vehicle. To prevent your car from drifting and to improve its overall performance, it is essential to have your wheels properly aligned.

Conclusion: Wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre rotation, and tyre camber are all essential aspects of keeping your car safe. Lazer Car Wash and Lubricants in Bahrain offers the best car tyre services in Bahrain. To know, you can visit the website.

Driving a car is more than taking care of it from the inside & outside. It’s about ensuring your safety while driving. You may follow the rules of the road, but if you don’t ensure your wheel is aligned, it could lead to big blunders. These could include accidents, cars stopping in the middle of the way & so on.

While many focus on wheel alignment in Bahrain, they often forget about wheel balancing. Both are necessary to ensure optimal safety. Also, often, many consider these two the same. They are different.

Wheel Balancing And Wheel Alignment in Bahrain

Lazer car services in Bahrain help us determine the difference between these two. Aligning the wheels means ensuring they are at the right angle and facing the right way. Balancing the wheels makes sure they are correctly balanced and spin. In this blog, we shall explore both to ensure your safety.  

When your vehicle wheels are not aligned with each other properly, it causes the wearing & tearing of wheels at a very early stage. You might also need help controlling the steering wheel. However, occasionally, there are other causes for it.
Other causes for bad alignment are bad driving habits, weather, and road conditions, such as portholes. Leaving your car unfixed can impact it significantly, too. It thus leads to accidents. We all know accidents can impact a life significantly.

Either they become disabled, their scars don’t go away, or worse-it could even cause death. If this case does not occur, it could cause struts, shocks, or other chassis parts that don’t work right. Hence, it would help if you got your car aligned as soon as you see the symptoms.
Don’t let the signs of uneven wheels ruin your fun while driving. It’s not only annoying when your car pulls to one side, shakes while you’re driving, or the road has rough spots, but it also costs you money. Two apparent indicators that your wheels require maintenance are uneven tire wear and a crooked or wandering steering wheel. Wheel adjustment can fix all of these issues, which is good news, and the benefits are significant.
Regular Wheel alignment in Bahrain is a prudent choice and saves you money. Proper alignment of your tires ensures even wear and longer tire life, saving you money on replacements. Not only that, but it will operate more fuel-efficiently and reduce the likelihood of unplanned suspension repairs.
Let’s now discuss the advantages of wheel balancing. Your ride will feel much smoother when your wheels are correctly balanced. It will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your tires and improving your driving experience. Additionally, it results in increased fuel efficiency, which adds even more to your savings.
Ultimately, you’re safeguarding your financial security and enjoying a safer and more comfortable ride by making frequent investments in Wheel alignment in Bahrain and balancing. Bid farewell to the inconveniences of misaligned steering wheels, and welcome to a more relaxed, economical, and efficient drive. Both your pocketbook and your driving pleasure will appreciate it.


Wheel alignment in Bahrain &  wheel balancing are minor problems that can cause more significant issues. To sort your car out, contact Lazer Car Wash & lubricants immediately!